Wednesday, July 1, 2015

BUZZZZZZZZ.....Challenge #2 - DONE and #3 - 1/2 way there!

What's all the buzzzzz about?  Challenge #2 is the Great Cycle Challenge.  It started back on June 1st and runs through the end of June.  Just did the last and final bike ride for the challenge this morning.  What is the Great Cycle Challenge?  The G.C.C. is a bike ride challenge that anyone from the US or the World can join and participate in for the month of June.  Each rider puts down how many miles they plan to ride the month of June on their page along with the money they want to raise.  The G.C.C. raises money for children with cancer.  Cancer is currently the leading killer of children.  Read more here about G.C.C. 

In the beginning I set my goal for riding 100 miles the month of June.  But my real goal was to ride 150 miles for the month.  I'm almost there with only 4 more miles to go on the last day.  I planned on riding 5 miles a day to make this doable but ended up missing my bike ride on 3 days because we were out of town and I didn't have my bike with me and one day it was raining.  Imagine that, raining. We've had so much rain this month it really doesn't feel like summer.  Feels like Spring, April Showers bring May flowers but it isn't as it's June right now.  The weather has also been fairly decent as well.   Not overly hot like it is most years during June.  Thank goodness because my rides could of been a lot tougher with the heat.  I have a lot hill around where I live and the surrounding area, so I'm getting in some good cardio and use my gears a lot to get where I'm going.   If your interested in donating go to my page HERE to help out and click the SPONSOR ME button at the bottom of the page!  I've done my part of riding a grand total of 152 miles and donating to the cause now it's your turn.  Thanks in advance.  

Challenge #3 is a two month Jazzercise challenge.  This one is a team effort with a partner.  We have two months between the both of us to do 70 Jazzercise classes.  If we break that down, it's only 35 classes each and 17 / 18 classes each month that we both need to do if we split it up.   I have to say between biking and Jazzercise I'm beat.  So glad that Challenge #2 is over.  Now I can focus on this one and get it done.  I got 17 classes done in June, the count down is on for July with 18 more to go.  When we get the 70 classes done we both get a really cute black and white chevron bag.  

Let's do this Anne Marie!  

If you haven't ever tried Jazzecise I highly suggest it.  After you get over the initial learning curve it's a ton of fun.  And if you love to dance you will love Jazzercise.  

Get up and Move!  

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