Thursday, February 27, 2014

Interruptions during exercising!

Working out and being interrupted is not a good thing.

Wednesday, 2/26/14

Didn't make it to the gym today, as I was asked to sub at the preschool I work at, I said, "YES".   You never know when you may need a sub yourself, so I usually step up to the plate and help out if I can. Needless to say, I had to workout from home.  As soon as I got home, I put my workout clothes on and went down to ride my bike, which is on the stand.  Rode my bike for 35 minutes and got some good book reading in. Didn't do anything else today as we had a crazy evening, needed to get busy on other things. I'll fill you in later, on the new book I'm reading. 

Thursday, 2/27/14

Ugh, another workout interruption.  Got a call from the school nurse, saying my son is sick.  Got most of my workout in today, but not all.  Here it is:

Cardio -  (I'm all about getting a mile in, on whatever machine I'm on, and pushing myself to get there!)
Elliptical (warm-up) - 10 minutes , 1 mile, level 6 - 45 seconds nice and steady, the last 15 seconds go as fast as you can.  Push yourself to get .10 in every minute.  After 10 minutes of this, you should be at 1 mile!  
Stationary Bike - 12 minutes, 3 miles (4 min miles is what you should be going for - push yourself to get to this level), level 1
Treadmill - 12.46 minutes, 1 mile 

Strength Training - 
Did both arms and legs, since I didn't do any yesterday.
Fly (arms) - 3 rounds 15 reps each, 50 lbs or (3 x 15) - works the chest, more than likely it will be sore tomorrow from doing this.
Leg Press - 3 x 15, 180 lbs
Triceps (arms) from bench - 3 x 15
Squats with weights - 3 x 15, 1 x 15bs, 2 x 20lbs & 3 x 25lbs
Biceps - 1 x 15, 20 lb bar
Biceps - 1 x 15, 30 lb bar
Overhead Press - 1 x 15, 20 lb bar

Abs -
I wasn't going to do these, since I didn't get it done at the gym but now I'm feeling guilty.  Doing them now. Will finish typing in a minute.  100 crunches DONE!
25 regular crunches
25 bicycle crunches
25 Russian twist w/10lb wt (normally I use 12 or 15lbs, but all I have at home is a 10lb wt.)  I just learned something new watching the video.  I've always done it with my feet on the floor, but if you hold your feet and legs up that gives you more resistance. 
Watch this video -
25 regular crunches

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Step It Up!

Today's workout consisted of warming up on the Stairmaster (10 minutes) at level 9, doing intervals, fast and slow.  Don't start at that level but work your way up, as it goes pretty quick.
If you've never tried out the Stairmaster, give it a shot.  It's a great cardio machine and you will work up a sweat!  

Benefits of the Stairmaster

Then, moved onto the Arc Trainer (10 minutes) and my favorite the Stationary Bike (10 minutes).    My workout partner likes the Arc Trainer and I prefer the bike, so we compromised today and did a little of both.  


Next we did abs - 150 crunches, various types.   Ended my workout with stretching on the stretch trainer.  This is a great way to stretch as you don't leave any stretches out this way.  I went to use this the other day and it was gone, I thought they got rid of it since I don't think very many people use it, YIKES!  Found out that they moved things around, as I found it in another room.  Thank goodness!

Whether you want a focused abs workout or you want to keep yourself flexible and help prevent injury, Precor offers core and stretch equipment to help you live every day fully and healthily.

Precor gym equipment

No weights today, as I had to go help sort Girl Scout cookies, that was my lifting workout.   I probably moved approximately 500 cases (12 boxes in each case) of cookies today during the sorting process for each troop.  I should feel that tomorrow, yikes!  We did this in a warehouse with doors open in 25 degree weather and I got rather warm.

Monday, February 24, 2014

Added Bonus ~ Motivation!

An added bonus would be, through sharing my Joys & Junk, it will give you motivation to try some of these things that I have done. 

  • For instance plan a school party for your child's class under Many Joys!

  • Get up and move more, train for mini triathlon, push yourself when working out, the possibilities are endless under Joys  of  Exercise!

  • Check out a new author you haven't read before or pick up an oldie but goodie that you Love to READ!                

  • Go through some of your Joyous Junk!
  • Start scrapbooking your memories online or on paper.   Making some crafts after viewing some of my Joy of Scrappin'/Crafts that I've done! 



Sunday, February 23, 2014

Want FREE books ~ check this out!

A friend of mine told me about this website the other day. You can get free books to read on your Kindle or whatever device you may have (most devices are listed, but not all), of course I had to get it.  It's called & they also have as well.  They send you an email everyday or weekly depending on how often you want to get the emails about FREE books to read.  Now, that's a great deal!

I've already gotten several books to read through the FREE site! They are new authors to me, that I wouldn't of picked up on my own.  



Joy #1,2 & 3 ~ School Holidy Parties for my Kids!

Have you ever planned a school party for your kids?  Well I have, because I have a hard time saying NO.  I also want my child's class to have a party.  I love planning what the kids are going to do for their party.  I just get frustrated that no one else wants to plan it when there are 24 kids in the class, why do I always step up to the plate.  I have 3 kids that have parties at school, thank goodness I'm down to two, I can't do 3 parties at once so I do one for each of them every year.  Now, I do one for the two of them, and then split my time for the 3rd party.  I've started using a wonderful site called SIGN UP GENIUS for getting supplies sent in.   It works great, and that way I don't have to buy everything, and it takes care of all the sign up for me.   By using Sign Up Genius, I'm not getting 20 emails from parents saying I'll bring this or that.  Then having, said item  gone and asking them to bring something else, and so and so forth.  Another great website, is VolunteerSpot that I've used as well.  I tend to use Sign Up Genius though because they have fun backgrounds that hopefully entice people to sign up because it's exciting to open and look at.  And because it's for the kids, of course!  

Here are there websites to check out: Home

Volunteer Spot Logo

With that being said, I just recently did my son's Valentine Party 2014,  which didn't go as planned, but the kids still enjoyed it!   I had to split my time between my two kiddos that still have parties at school so only 15 minutes in each room.  Not, a whole lot of time to get ready, even with going in a little early to set up.  Here are some pictures of what I did.  I got these ideas off of pinterest!  Not all of it is put together, as I let the kids put part of the snack together as a snack/craft. 
As you can see it's all put together just not looking finished like the parties below.

We did the following from Pinterest:
Cupid Floats (no whipped cream or cherry on ours) -

Graham Cracker Valentine Sandwiches -  the kids spread the frosting on their graham crackers and then dipped the edges in the sprinkles on their plates.
Valentine Trail Mix - 


I also did my daughters Christmas Party 2013 at school.   With this party I did the same thing for my son the year before at Christmas. Plus, I wan't splitting my time between two parties.  All ideas from Pinterest!  Love it!

Party snack/craft is already to go.  Let the Christmas Party begin!
Drink - Clear cups with red or green juice.
Snack - 3 white donuts & 3 chocolate donuts to make snowmen and reindeer out of.
Plastic cups - for the snowmen and reindeer pieces to put together for their craft.

The game was decorate the christmas tree and decorate the snowman.  The girls were trees and the boys were snowmen.  I didn't get any pictures of the snowmen, since my daughter was a tree.    Last year the boys were trees in my sons class and the girls were snowmen.  So needless to say, I don't have any snowman pictures, again!

These ideas are off of Pinterest, here are the links:

Here's the Halloween Party 2013 that I did as well.  It turned out great and the kids had a GOOD time!   No, splitting my time between kids again.  All ideas used from Pinterest, again!

Vampire Donuts - glazed donuts, plastic vampire teeth, mentos for the tongue & sixlets for the eyes.  It's not easy getting the teeth to stay down in the donut, good luck if you try it.

Halloween tablecloth, makes everything complete!

Popcorn hands - with candy corn in the ends for fingers.  (It's not easy stuffing the popcorn into the gloves.  Just a warning, if you decide to try it.)  I've heard of others doing this before, so thought I'd give it a try.  Not, something I've pinned. 

Pumpkin Pooporange cheese balls, in an orange bucket.  I really wanted to get the green Zombie ones but they were out at Target before I got them.  It was much easier putting it a bucket and scooping it onto the plates, sometimes we need to simplify the process.

Game #1 - Found black, white & orange skeletons at the Dollar Store that snap together.  
Top - my sons team putting theirs together.

We did it! 

Game #2 - the boys were pumpkin smashers (orange balloons) & the girls were ghost busters (white balloons).  Goal of the game to see which team popped their balloons first.  There was also a piece of candy inside each balloon.   

Saturday, February 22, 2014

Today's workout ~

    It's cardio time!  I don't normally workout on Saturday's and didn't feel like going to the gym.  Although, I have no excuses because we have my bike on a trainer stand downstairs.    After my not so healthy lunch yesterday, I decided I better get on it.  Rode for 45 minutes and sweat like crazy!   My philosophy is if you don't sweat, you haven't pushed yourself hard enough.    

    Here's a picture of one so you know what I'm talking about it.  You attach your back tire to it and ride inside.  Makes your outdoor bike into a stationary indoor bike. 

    product image

Why Share my Joy of Exercise you ask?

I want to share my JOY of Exercise with you, so you know you're not alone in the ongoing fight of losing the bulge.  Wherever that may be on your body.  My hope is that, by sharing my workouts that I do, they will motivate some of my readers along the way, to get up and move.  

Please share your workouts with me as well.  I love switching things up when exercising as the body gets bored with the same old, same old and you will hit a plateau if you don't.   Make sure you do something different each time you go to the gym. 

Cheers and good luck!

Excerise Background

Thought I should back up a little and give some background information on my exercise adventures.   I've worked out at several different places and with a trainer here and there.  I love to get new workout ideas, just don't like paying their high prices all the time.  I usually do a few sessions with a trainer for new ideas and move on. 

I'd say my journey began after we had our first baby 13 years ago!  I gained 50 lbs with her.  Boy is it hard to get that baby weight off.  I definitely used being pregnant the first time around to my advantage by eating what ever I wanted but paid for it later.   I was 120 and went up to 170, YIKES!  I've been staying home now with my kids for 13 years now, although they are all in school now with my youngest in 3rd grade. 

Before kids -  I really wasn't doing much.  Working full-time and hanging out with my hubby!

7/2000 - Baby #1 joined us!

9/2000 - I started out by walking with a friend and her baby in the neighborhood. We would walk whenever it fit  into our babies feeding schedules.

9/2001 -10/2002 - Worked out at Curves - After having our 1st child and the weight just not falling off I decided it was time to step it up a notch.   So I joined Curves for Women as I didn't want to go to a traditional gym with guys and feel self conscious of my body the whole I was there (I was already feeling that way,  didn't need to add to it).  Curves was very welcoming and I jumped on the band wagon and lost most of  the baby weight I had been carrying around.  Down to 140 lbs.   Did this for a year and found out we were expecting baby #2!  I had a lot of issues with smells when I was pregnant with all 3 of my kiddos so had to quit working out because candle scents, perfume, lotion, hairspray, whatever made me gag. 

8/2002 - Baby #2 (Girl) joined us!  Busy times with two kiddos and joining a playgroup.  It was all about them and not me at this point. Working out didn't exist anymore.  Started walking again, meeting friends at the mall  and pushing the stroller around then the kids got to play at the mall when the walk was over.  Walked outside a lot,  when the weather was nice.   The weight was sticking with me though and not falling after baby #2. 

1/2003 - 8/2004 - Joined Eagle Fitness for a year.  Sucked it up and paid the child care fees but that definitely added to the price I paid each month.  Finally got  down to 130.    I worked out through most of my 3rd pregnancy but had to give it up when I got to big and the smells got to bad for me.   I was in pretty good shape when he was born.

3/2005 - Baby #3 (It's a Boy!)  joined us!  More weight to work off again but not as much thank goodness!

4/2005 - 2/2008 - Big exercise break, 36 months YIKES.  Still holding onto  some baby weight after 3 kiddos.  Not working out real hard right now though.  Just walking with friends outside and at the mall.  It's hard to get away with 3 kiddos at home.   

3/2008 - 5/2008 - Signed up for a 3 month special with a couple friends to workout with a trainer.  She kicked our butts and boy were we sore after those sessions.  Also, made us do a food log which really does work.  When you write down what you eat it's no lie.  All those calories in and none out if you don't burn them off with exercise.  I lost some good weight doing these kick butt training sessions and watching what I eat.  Finally lost another 10lbs after all those years at 130 now at 120 and maintaining.

10/2009 - 5/2010  Signed up for some more workout sessions with the same trainer from before.  Didn't do the food part and still maintaining.  Really need to do the food log again. 

I've been told this many times over the years and I believe it!  

Food is 80% of the problem when it comes to losing weight.  You can exercise but if you don't change your eating habits you'll gain if not exercising  or stay the same, if you are exercising.  And if you do change your eating habits for the better you will lose the weight, slowly but surely.  

Exercise is the other 20%.   I don't spend hours at the gym.  I go for 1 hour max each time.  Although, sometimes I'm a little under or a little over but I really try to stick to the 1 hour time frame.   There are plenty of other things I need to be doing as well, like taking care of my JUNK, ha!   I split my time in  half by doing cardio and weights for 30 minutes each.  Cardio is great for the heart and burning calories but you need to do the weights as well to build muscle to burn the fat.   I'm not talking body building, just lifting weights or using the weight machines to help the fat burning process out.   Start small and work up the weight amount on each machine or barbell.

10/2010 -  Went and checked out Curves again, with a friend.  I had a coupon to check it out for 2 weeks with a friend.   They got newer machines from the first time I was there.  After my trial period I decided to go back to Eagle as I need more from a workout than what I was getting there.  I'm not saying it was bad just not what I needed at this point.   Plus, the hours to workout there didn't work with my schedule.

11/2010 - Current - Back at Eagle Gym.  It's close to home and open more hours than Curves.  They have classes you can take with your membership, not at an extra cost.  I have paid for a trainer here and there just to push myself more and get fresh ideas but most the time it's ME, pushing myself through the workout.  I have a friend that meets me twice a week and that motivates us both to get there.  Thank you Errin for sticking by my side.  Accountability, is great when you don't want to go.   

Currently - I'm 118 but my goal weight is 110.  I workout 4 days a week but starting to throw in a 5th day.  Trying hard to get the eating part better and starting a food log again to track the calories.  Calories don't lie!  

Tuesday, February 18, 2014


What is a TRIATHLON?  
It's 3 forms of exercise, and I enjoy them all! 
               Swimming, Biking and Running

What is a mini triathlon? I've done two of them and they all vary in length. (See below)

What's a full triathlon - I won't even go there as it's way to long for this mama.   Much longer than my mini triathlons that I've done.

You can walk as well, if need be to get through the running part.  There are all ages, sizes & levels of experience participating in these triathlons.  The main goal is to cross the finish line!

* It's always a lot more fun if you have a partner to train with.  They keep you motivated and vise versa.

WIN Tri - was my first Tri
Swim - 500 meters in a lake, UGH! 
Bike - 10 miles
Run - 5K or 3.1 miles

Cameron Tri - 2nd and 3rd Tri's
I love this Tri because everything is a little bit shorter!
Swim - 200 meter in a pool, YEAH!
Bike - 8 miles
Run -2 miles 

Here's a great website for finding a Triathlon to participate in.


Surprise ~ Time to Read again!

(I'm back tracking in my story a little bit here.)
My husband came home from work the other day and surprised me with a Kindle Fire HD. Still working through the changes between this tablet and my old one which was not a Kindle but I think I’m going to enjoy having a Kindle.   He’s been trying to fix the old tablet but the first part he ordered didn’t do the job. We are still waiting on another part to come, in a few days. The 2nd part finally came in and guess what, it’s fixed now. My daughter has now taken over that tablet. Since, I was complaining about reading on my laptop, he found a great sale at Best Buy for the Kindle and picked it up for me, isn't that SWEET! Just got Overdrive loaded on my new tablet and the book I was going to read wasn’t due back to the library yet so back to an oldie but goodie that I enjoy reading.

Family by Karen Kingsbury – If you’ve never read her books, they are wonderful! Ok, ignore my thoughts from before under reading slump. This book is part of a series and you will want to read more! It’s about the Baxter family and the many issues that can come up in life and they have lots of issues. I don’t want to ruin this for anyone so try it out yourself.  A friend of mine recommended her books to me about a year ago and I’ve already read 13 of her books so far. Most of them are a series but not all.  Karen Kingsbury is a Christian author which I knew when she told me that, I would not have picked these up on my own. I am a Christian but when you read books it’s hard to switch authors and try new things.  Although, with Goodreads I have tried lots of different authors since you get recommendations from your friends about great books to read!!!! Make sure you start with the Redemption series (5 books) about the Baxter family and then move into the Firstborn series (5 books) which is what I’m currently reading.  There are 3 more series to the Baxter's as well.  ENJOY!

Monday, February 17, 2014

JUNK ~ Let's get busy!

It's time to get started on this glorious mess!  I said, I'd put some pictures on here of my office mess, so here they are.  I've decided instead of looking at my mess/disorganization/junk etc., whatever you want to call it.   I need to focus on ONE paper, box, area, table at a time.   I'd really like to start scrapbooking again if I can get the table cleared off from all the extra stuff it collects and find homes for everything.  Finish all the projects that are sitting on it or underneath it.    With that in mind I've been a stay-at-home mom for 13 years now.  I thought I would get tons of projects done over the years and my scrapbooking caught up.  Well I've started lots of projects but not completed most of them.  It's time to crack the whip and take care of this mess!  With you all following me on my journey, this mess and projects will finally get done!

Well maybe not find homes for everything.  After thinking this through, here is my plan.   I need to sort through each area that I decide to work on and make piles:  donate, garage sale (that's what my husband wants to do, I'd rather donate), throw away, recycle & keep (find a home for this stuff)! 

I have 3 different areas I need to tackle, they are:  school papers, scrapbooking table that has lots of other stuff on it and laundry table on top/garage sale, donation, giveaway items underneath.  I have a lot of work ahead of me. 

Now that I have a plan of action it's time to get busy!  I'll put more pictures on here as I sift through the piles and show you what I come up with regarding organizing some of the JUNK!

I hope this helps you out in getting started on your own JUNK room(s) in  your home. 

 Scrapbooking Table - where are you?
 Desk with stuff all around it - what a disaster!
 Laundry table - empty off each week and start fresh.  
Sounds like a good plan, let's see if I can do it!
 More of the laundry table and donations or garage sale stuff underneath - YIKES!
School Papers Galore!  
Working on a system - Help me Pinterest!
I've seen a couple of ideas I like, so well see what happens.