Joy of Cooking!

I've decided to add this as one of my Joys, so I can share some fabulous recipes that I love to make.  Of course that's when I'm in the mood to be in the kitchen and cook.  I'm just going to throw this out there and be honest. One of my New Year's Resolutions this Year for 2014 was to be on top of making supper every night and having a game plan for the week.  That hasn't happened from day one. I'm hoping that creating the Joy of Cooking, it will light a fire under me and get me cooking in the kitchen more.  

Several years ago, I created these cards and went through all my cookbooks for the recipes that we enjoy.  Although, I never did follow through with the plan.  I think it's time to get busy and make some meals.   (Will post pictures of cards, so you know what I'm talking about.)

Another reason I like to make meals is, because it's for my family.  I love when we come together at night and sit down and eat together. Even if it is a crazy, busy evening and we are running kids here, and there for different activities. I think it's the best time of day to sit down and eat a meal with the family.