Thursday, April 28, 2016

Be A Star!

To finish up last school years 2014-15 bulletin board designs, here's what we created.  I now have someone on my team (another mom, yeah!) to help get them put up and come up with ideas.  This year was all about being on the RED CARPET and MOVIES!  Hope the ideas help you out.  

I put the first two boards on my blog earlier this year.  You can check them out on the sneak peak post HERE!



For a recap, we did the following:

August/September --- Be A Star! (Curtain Call)

October/November/December --- Be A Star and POP into PTA!

January/February/March --- Lights, Camera, Action, Only 5 More Months to Be A Star and Join RV PTA!

April/May ---  Thank You For a Picture Perfect Year!

If you decide to do this theme for PTA or any other organization have fun with it!  It's an easy one to do.  

Happy Scrappin' Everyone!

Thursday, April 7, 2016

On the Edge of Your Seat!

Sooo, I went to the book store the other day to use a gift card I had gotten and had no clue what to get.  I asked the book store associate to give me some ideas and they directed me to the favorites section that the employees pick out.  After looking them all over I found several books that I hadn't heard of before that I thought would be good reads.   Before I bought the books though, I called the library right then and there in the book store to see if I could get it from them for free to read and then buy a book that the library didn't carry.  Well this particular book the library had so I didn't buy it at the bookstore.  The library did have to get it from another library in town but I got it the next day and started reading it.  I actually had to order the one book that I wanted and go back a week later to get it.  I'll do a review on that one later after I read it. 

This particular book, you won't want to put down (It's definitely a Thriller)!  It keeps you coming back for more as each chapter passes and you will want to know what's going to happen next.  It's all about One Road in and No Road Out....but what does that mean?   Ethan Burke a secret service agent is headed to town with his partner to find two other agents that have gone missing.  What happens next is just mind blowing.  He wakes up from an accident with no id, no cell phone, nothing.  The town seems to good to be real and no one really wants to help him get out.  He keeps on having to go back to the hospital but they are messing with him so he goes to the authorities for help, but that doesn't happen either.  Read the book to find out what happens to Ethan Burke.  

Plus, they made it into a television series on FOX.  At this point I can't find any links to watch session #1 but session #2 is coming out this summer 2016 so hopefully I can catch session #1 then, in order to catch up for the new session coming out!  Someone else put out there that the book and movie didn't follow each other completely but it doesn't seem like they ever do, when they make a book into a TV show or movie.    

PINES....A Wayward Pines Thriller 
By Blake Crouch

Thought I better finish up this post and just looked up the author and found out this was a Trilogy series, now I have two more books to read.  I loved the first one and can't wait to read the next two.  

Check out all 3 Wayward Pine books at Author Blake Crouch's website HERE

I gave this book 5 stars, hands down on


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