Joys of Exercise!

I decided to add this to my blog because I don't love to exercise but I know I need to exercise.  I love to eat food and I enjoy food but that can come at a price.  That's why I like to challenge myself when it comes to exercise and that motivates me to keep going.  My motivation comes from signing up for 5ks and one triathlon a year.  I pretty much train all year long because if I don't then I will get out of shape and regret it later.  I've done several 5ks and also completed 3 mini triathlons in the past 3 years.  

A good friend of mine asked me several years in a row to do a triathlon with her and I kept saying no. When I finally decided to go for it she wasn't going to do it that year.   She ended up doing the triathlon that year and we trained together.  It's a lot more fun to train with someone, then on your own.  After that first triathlon, I've done it 2 more times and will do it again this year (just got the sign up forms in the mail today!).  Although, I usually don't sign up until the week before, just in case I chicken out, but it hasn't happened yet and by doing this blog I won't be able to chicken out this year.  Follow me on my journey of training for yet another triathlon, mini or not.  I'll give more details later on what a mini triathlon is.

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