Wednesday, September 10, 2014

What's for Dinner?!?! (9/1 - 9/7)

This is the 2nd week of everyone picking something out for the supper menu.  Here's what we've come up with for the week:

Everyone is off to school and work during the week so don't need to worry about lunches too much.

Supper ideas this week:

Monday (Labor Day) Lunch - MOM Pick from last week:  

  • French Toast & Eggs
It was a hit with everyone.  (We had french toast from last week since the left overs piled up in the fridge. Need to eat those up before making another meal.)  Need to make sure we work in the left of days throughout the week.

Monday (Labor Day) Supper - MOM Pick

  • Large pizza from Papa Murphy's
Can't go wrong there, since someone else put it together and they put tons of toppings on the pizza.  We did have to bake it but that's no problem!
Tuesday - Kid pick: 

  • V's Manicotti ( and homemade garlic bread with side salad! 
Family Of SaucesBaked Specialties Last week we had frozen store bought garlic bread.  This week we bought fresh bread from SAM'S bakery and are going to prep it ourselves.  We had samples of it the other day all doctored up at SAM'S and my daughter just had to have it.  I do admit it was 
pretty darn good!
Wednesday -  DAD pick:  

  • BBQ Chicken Tacos 
Frozen Pampered Chef dinner I made awhile back at a dinner's done freezer meals workshop.
Thursday - Leftover night!

Friday - MOM Pick:  
  • Garlic Bread Meatball Subs
This is another recipe I made at the dinner's done freezer meal workshop. Although, we ate them 3 weeks ago.  They were a big a hit so we are having them again.   (The kids ended up having corn dogs because sleepovers were happening.  My hubby and I found something else to eat as well.)
Saturday - Lunch:  More left overs!

Saturday - Supper:  Another sleepover night; I made spaghetti for the kids and my hubby and I had leftovers yet again.

Sunday - Lunch:  Out to eat at a new Mexican Restaurant in town.  Delicious!

Sunday - Supper:  Left overs again!

Oops, I've had this typed up and forgot to post it.