Friday, May 2, 2014

Going Back in Time!

Amazing GraceWow, this was a quick read!  I went back in time, and read a TEEN book.  My daughter's school is having testing this week, so she can't read on her tablet.  Plus it's being fixed yet again (same issue as before), maybe it's time to upgrade.   She has been using my kindle at night to read her book through adobe from the library.   She also has a regular book checked out from her school, since they can't use their electronic devices they have to check out a book this week to read.  She's been using my kindle to read her book at night, I asked her about her library book.  She was reading a book called Amazing Grace by Megan Shull, she said, "It is pretty good so far".  I ended up picking it up and reading it.  I started the book the evening of April 30th and finished the evening of May 1st, fast read in 3 days!

It was written a little differently, but very easy to follow.  Not a dirty romance, just good clean teen reading fun!  

Here's a little preview from Goodreads:
Grace Kincaid, the Anna Kournikova of the tennis world (beautiful, teenaged, and the BEST in the world), calls her mother on the eve of the U.S. Open and says three little words: "I want out." 

Read the book to find out what happens.

Check out the authors website HERE!