Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Danielle Stewart Contest!

Hello bloggers -
Click on the link and vote for me (Joni Bogner Fleck) at:
Then scroll down to this section below to vote for me (Joni Bogner Fleck). Danielle Stewart asked a question. June 2 at 2:05pm
Free Kindle Contest : 
Who ever drags the most friends (kicking and screaming allowed) to this party will win one of the two Kindles I'll be giving away. 
Here are the rules: 
1)This is open to bloggers and individuals 
2) If you are inviting friends or fans of your blog add your name (or blog name) to this poll
3) You are responsible for letting people you invite know that they should come to this poll and vote for you.
4)The winner will be selected when the party is over
This contest is in celebration of the new Settling Scores book coming out on June 14th.  Check it out!  

Preview from iTunes

Settling ScoresWillow has been saved from a painfully dark past and handed a bright future. By all accounts, she should be happy. But no one seems to understand that escaping evil hasn’t left her feeling free of it. The more people try to hold her close, the harder she fights to get away. Even the unconditional support from Edenville isn’t enough to help her keep her head above water.

On a journey to settle scores and find answers to questions that haunt her memories, Willow hopes to mend her heart.
Meanwhile, the man she has pushed away time and again fights to show her the only chance she has at happiness is opening her heart to the love that is right in front of her. But even Josh’s loyalty has its limits; how long before even he gives up on her, considering she’s already given up on herself?
Can't wait to read the new book coming out!
Pick up a book and READ!