Thursday, February 5, 2015

21 Day Fix!

WOW, this is so true!  
I just started doing the 21 day fix and it really makes you think about the food choices your making.  Heck, you get to eat a ton even with the plan so you really don't need any extras.

If you haven't heard about the 21 day fix it is big right now on social media.  I started looking up all the information and decided to just get my own containers and do it on my own.  I've had a few mishaps with eating extras and not all that I'm supposed to eat on the plan but I know I'm not perfect.  I've always looked at eating as I'm not going to deprive myself something that I want, I just need to have it in moderation.  We do a lot of serving sizes here at our house and that's it.  If the package say two cookies then that's all you get until tomorrow.  Otherwise the package will be gone in a day if we all eat 3 or 4.  Yes, I eat COOKIES! But in small quantities.  

I'm doing the 1,200 calorie 21 day fix ~ Here's what it consist of:

2-8 oz    Fruits (Purple)
3-8oz     Veggies (Green)
4-4oz     Proteins (Red)
2-4oz     Carbs (Yellow)
1-2oz     Fat/cheese (Blue)
2 - 2 Tbsps  Seeds/oils (Orange)
6 - 10oz waters

For the water, I fill up a clear 2 quart pitcher every morning and drink that throughout the day.  That's 64 oz of water which is what we all need everyday.  8-8oz glasses of water every day, so DRINK UP!!!

Here's the break down and how to figure out how much healthy eating you should be doing.  This gals website breaks it down really well.  Check out her site for more info.