Sunday, February 1, 2015


Joy's of Scrapbooking ~ this is still the only scrapbooking I'm getting done in this area of my life right now, is my bulletin board up at the school.  I will admit I did get on the Picaboo online scrapbooking website the other day and I got several pages put together (appox. 10) in my sons scrapbook from 2010, UGH!  Need to get back on it and get this particular book done. It's amazing how many pages you can whip out in a short amount of time if you just do it.  

Here's a little sneak peak into what my PTA bulletin boards look like so far this year.  Can you guess what our theme might be just by what I've said so far???  Hmm, could it be something to do with the movies?  Our theme this year is BE A STAR! 

August / September

October /November & December
December should have been a new board, my bad!

On my bulletin boards I don't like to write things out as my handwriting isn't the best.  I stick to using the computer with fun fonts and printing them, then back them with color coordinated paper. I purchased all my borders & supplies this year from School Supply Giant as they had the best prices.

I just did the January bulletin board the other day and forgot to take pictures.  You'll have to wait unitl the end of the school year to see what I come up with for the rest of the year.  I try to do them every other month but the 2nd one was up a little longer than planned.  Happy Scrappin'!!!

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