Monday, February 2, 2015

Motivation Monday!

Can you believe it, January is over?  I can't, this year is flying  by on me already.  Well if that new year's resolution that you made has come and gone out the window already then think about this.   Do you have two legs?  Why yes, most of us do and do you use them to their full ability?  I sure hope so, but if not then let's start using them more and get moving.  Have you heard of Amy Purdy?  If not, then go to the link below and find out who she is.   She is an amazing woman and is a great inspiration for all of us  to get up and move.  If she can do all that she has done after what she has been through, we have no excuse.  I first learned about her when she was on Dancing with the Stars. 

Who is Amy Purdy?   Click the link to find out make sure to read the 2 paragraphs under the personal section.

WOW, if this doesn't get you moving then I don't know what will.  Amy Purdy was on the Dr Oz show the other day and what she said was amazing.    Amy said, "I have two prosthetic legs and there are people that have two legs and having more problems than her when it comes to moving".  So get up and move if you got legs, use them how they should be used.   Do your body good!

She also has a new book out that I can't wait to read.  
On My Own Two Feet by Amy Prudy
Check it out here:


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