Friday, March 28, 2014

Level Up!

Another, great workout at the gym.   I started off by riding the stationary bike, I normally ride at level 5 or 6. After riding outside with the kids the other day on the hills around our area I decided to kick it up a notch. WOW, I moved up to level 9 and 10, which is more like being outside and doing the hills.  Very sweaty workout, along with no pain, no gain!

Cardio time:
Stationary Bike - 20 mins. at level 9 & 10 random
Row machine - 3x 500 meters, approximately 2:16 min. each time (hands are so sore today after doing this, need to invest in some workout gloves.)

Weight time:
Side squats - 1x15
Weighted squats -2x15, weight 20 & 25 pds.
Biceps with bar - 1x15, 30 pds.
Biceps with bar - 1x15, 20 pds., all the way, top and bottom
Overhead with bar - 1x15, 20 pds.
Chest machine - 3x15, each time went up 5 pds. - 50, 55, & 60
Single triceps each arm overhead with weight - 1x15, 5 pds. (My tricep muscle is weak, when doing them singly so have to use light weights on these.  I can do 10 pds if my hands are on the weight together.)  Tricep extension youtube video.


Regular crunches - 2x25
Russian Twist - 1x25
Bicycle crunches - 1x25