Thursday, March 6, 2014

Closest thing I'm scrappin' these days ~

I've been doing the bulletin boards at my kids school the past couple of years.   This is what I've been up to.  The first year it was all about posting the information and throwing some décor in the mix.  Now it's all about scrappin' and creating a design.  Check it out!

2012-2013 School Year ~ Our theme was, Catch a Wave into RV PTA!

I change the theme every other month with the season/holiday we were in.  It was fun coming up with catchy phrases. 

August/September Theme ~

October/November Theme ~
On the leaves I wrote,  Catch a Leaf and Fall into RV PTA!

Here's a closer shot of the leaves - I had all the décor pieces laminated. 
Then I wrote the theme on them with dry erase markers.

December/January Theme ~ Catch a Flake and Float into RV PTA!

February/March Theme ~ Catch Spring Fever & Hop or Leap in RV PTA!