Thursday, June 12, 2014

All Caught Up with the Piper Anderson Series until tomorrow!

Well I did it!   I'm all caught up with the Piper Anderson series, until the NEW book comes out tomorrow.  I can't wait to get my hands on it or download it to my kindle.  I'm ready to read the next book Settling Scores.  On your mark, get set, go READ!

I didn't quite read these last 3 books in order but below is the correct order.  I read Betty's Journal before Finding Freedom but it worked out OK.

Choosing Christmas

 Danielle Stewart did it yet again.  I love all of these books in this series and how she writes about the characters.  As you read about them you grow with them on their journey through life.  Even though these are fiction they seem so real as you're reading them.  This book ties into Cutting Ties, which was book #2 but Christmas isn't here until your read book #3 first.  

This book is a  Holiday Novella and is book #3.5 with only 99 pages if reading it on as an ebook, 74 pages on a kindle, 94 paperback pages etc.  The kindle version was only .99 cents on Amazon, can't beat that price and you can read it in a few hours or less.  Just don't plan on getting anything done once you start reading, although that's how it is with all these books. preview:

All Chris wants is a normal Christmas. He’s spent his life dodging the police and trying to protect his son from the life he’s caught up in. He’s just returned from killing a killer and he swears it's his last act as a criminal. That is until his boss, the sexy blonde who is too uptight for her own good, ends up in a compromising position

Finding Freedom

Finding Freedom is book #4 in the Piper Anderson Series. After reading this book, this question came to mind for me. Who knows what the person next to you is going through. We all need to quit judging people and give people the benefit of the doubt, as you don't know what that person has been through and over come.  Just like the saying "Walk a Mile in Someone Else's Shoes".  This book was another fabulous read from Danielle Stewart.

Two of my 3 kids were having sleepovers here at the house so I was up waiting for them to all calm down and finally fall asleep.  That's my reason for not wanting to put the book down and got to bed at a decent time. HA!  I was up until 2:30 am last night reading this wonderful book and woke up at 9:30 am to finish the last few chapters. preview:

No matter what people tell him, Jedda Wright is convinced he's nobody's hero. He's made his mistakes and paid dearly for them over the years. Suddenly freed from his past he's forced to find his way in a world he hardly recognizes. He's written himself off as a lost cause and pushes away any chance at love. Has he been punished enough to be worthy of his redemption or when given the chance will he make the same mistakes again? 

Betty’s Journal

Book #4.5  Bonus Material.  Like I said before, I read this book before reading Finding Freedom, but it didn't ruin anything too bad reading them out of order.  Although, I would recommend reading them in order.  They just flow from one to the next and the author has each character grow more and more the further you get in the series.

This book was great since it focuses a lot on Betty.  She is a fabulous character that makes you think about life and the decisions you make.  Enjoy what's right in front of you, as it may not be there tomorrow.  Live in the moment, is another good one to live by.  I don't think either of these are quotes from the book but that's what I've learned from Betty. preview:

This is a small addition to the Piper Anderson Series for all those readers who couldn't get enough of Betty and her humor. To avoid spoilers this should be read after the first four books of the series and is only a compliment to the series, not a stand alone story. - Just something fun!