Saturday, June 21, 2014

Book # 5 - Piper Anderson Series ~

Changing Fate

I'm proud to say, that I got my copy of Settling Scores on Friday, June 13th from  The wait is over but not quite.  I held off reading it until Saturday as we were headed back to NE for a wedding that evening.  Along for a long ride in the car is great book reading opportunity for me, since I don't get carsickness.  Well guess what,  I finished the book in less than the 5 hours it took us to get to our destination.

These characters just grow and grow with each book.  You get to see Willow up close and personal as she fights her battles from her past and present.  

I rated this book with 5 Stars on = It was amazing!  Another, fabulous book to read by Danielle Stewart. preview - Settling Scores:

Willow has been saved from a painfully dark past and handed a bright future. By all accounts, she should be happy. But no one seems to understand that escaping evil hasn’t left her feeling free of it. The more people try to hold her close, the harder she fights to get away. Even the unconditional support from Edenville isn’t enough to help her keep her head above water.

On a journey to settle scores and find answers to questions that haunt her memories, Willow hopes to mend her heart.

Changing Fate

Can't wait to read Book #6 ~ Battling Destiny coming out September 2014.