Thursday, November 20, 2014

Finally! 10/13-10/19 workouts

Here it is finally! Almost a month behind but better late than never. October was a busy month for me.  

Mon 10/13 - My husband is my motivation to workout and stay in shape.  Plus, I just feel better after a workout.  He's been trying to get back into a workout schedule, so we did a workout together.  Here's what we did.  1/2 hour workout at home.  We started off with one of my daughters workout plans from her gym class.  Her gym teacher makes a up a calendar each month with different exercises to do each day.  She is actually supposed to do this each day at home for extra credit but opts out of it, since her grade is already an A.  What the heck, I'll use it instead!  I should use it more often though especially on days when I don't get to the gym.    

20 mountain climbers
40 jumping jacks
25 knee highs
5 burpees
Repeat all 3x each.  This maybe took us 10 minutes total to do all this 3x.  My husband was ready to stop but I talked him into a half hour workout.  This is what I came up with.

15 squats with 10 lb weight
15 push-ups
15 triceps w/10lb weight
15 biceps with 10lb weights
15 shoulder presses w/10lb. weights
Repeat all 3x just like above

25 crunches
25 bicycles
25 Russian twist
25 full sit-ups
100 total crunches 

Tues 10/14 - Went to the gym and did the following:

Group Power was cancelled today as the instructor was sick.  Boo hoo, it's my favorite class! 
Stationary Bike - 32 mins., 8:53 miles, level 8 random & 170 calories burned!
Biceps: full, top, bottom 3x15 each 20lb bar
Bicep - drag to bellybutton 30 - 20lb bar
Shoulder press 3x15 - 20 lbs
Treadmill 2x 1/2 mile:
     7:14 minutes, .50 miles, level 6 random & 40 calories burned!
     7:00 minutes, .50 miles, level 6 random & 37 calories burned!

25 crunches
25 bicycles
25 crunches
25 Russian twist
100 total crunches


Wed 10/15

Used runkeeper and took the dog out for a run/walk.








Th 10/16

This was a short trip to the gym as I went during my daughters dance class, had less than hour with travel time back and forth to pick her up.  At least I made it to the gym though! 

Elliptical - 10 minutes, 1 mile, 129 calories burned! 
Stationary Bike - 32 minutes, 7.40 miles & 200 calories burned!
(Oops, forgot to write down what level but probably level #6 on each)

Fri 10/17  - None, Mom and Dad in town.

Sat 10/18  - None, Mom and Dad in town.

Sun 10/19  - None, Mom and Dad in town. (This is not an excuse to go to the gym!  Don't use it like I did.)

Get up and move!