Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Steps, steps and more steps!

What have you done today?  I did steps and a lot of them!  No need to go to a gym for this one.  They have stair steppers at the gym but if you have them in your home then use them.   Or find steps around town and put them to use.  I have a college here where we live and they have a great set of stairs outside to go up and down or go to a mall and use the steps, not the escalator.  You can't go shopping until you've done your steps though.  Although, there's really no need to go anywhere if you have steps at your house.  

We have a two story house and from top to bottom there's a total of 19 steps down and 19 steps up a total of 38 steps.  All the
way down and all the way up is one trip.  I did this 10 times down and 10 times up as I started at the top.  That's a total of 380 steps and it took me 5 minutes 25.71 seconds.  How do I know this, of course I got out a timer to see how fast I could do it.  I'll do a second set of this later after I get some things done around the house, before the kids get home from school.  If you have any stress this is a great stress reliever, walk up and down the stairs this many times and all you'll be thinking about is breathing.  

What will you get out of this quick and simple workout:
1.  Great cardio!!!
2.  Your heart will be pumping hard by the time your done!
3.  You'll get sweaty! 
4.  Burn some calories!!!
5.  Build your leg muscles!
6. Sore legs tomorrow!  If they aren't then do some more.

Make sure to drink water when your done!  

Be careful:
1.  Hang on to the rail so you don't fall.  You may be fine to start with but as you get going you'll get tired and will want to use it once in a while.   
2.  If you get winded rest, and then get going again.

Leave me a message, would love to know how many steps and how long it took you. 

Just did my second set and beat my time. YEAH!   Finished in under 5 minutes ~ 4 minutes 46.97 seconds!