Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Pet Peeve - Get up and move!

School is back in session and car rider lines are starting back up again, at pick up time.  But ask yourself this question.  Are you one of those people that goes up to the school and gets in the car rider line 1/2 hour to and hour early?  Don't you have anything better to do?  I know I do.   What do I see most of these people doing while sitting in their cars for this extended time period you ask?  Well I'll tell you, they are looking at their phones checking email, looking at facebook or who knows what else.  Seriously folks it can't take an hour to look through all that.  Why not make the choice to put your phone down, get out of your car, as it can hold your spot in line until the bell rings and go take a walk or run for 15, 20 maybe 1/2 hour if your there an hour early.  Just get up and MOVE!  Take care of the body God gave you and do something good for yourself TODAY!

The next pet peeve of mine is kids activities and all their practices.  Well that is fine and dandy for your kids they are moving on the soccer field, football field, basketball court etc. but what about you? Instead of sitting in a chair for an hour watching them, choose to get up and move yourself for 20-30 minutes.   Make sure you wear your walking shoes and go for a walk, run or a little of both but get out of that chair and move or go help out the coach with the 15-20 kids that are on the team.

If you want to see how far you've gone, how many calories you've burned, how fast your moving etc. then get the runkeeper app on your phone that will track all this information.  It's a fabulous app to have and helps keep you motivated when you see it on your phone.  You see the icon and think, oh crap, I haven't moved today better take care of me.    

My son plays basketball in the winter and the facility that he plays at has an indoor walking track above the courts and you can still watch them practice.   What do I do?   Of course, I get up and go walk on it.  But it is so frustrating to see all the other parents sitting on the benches looking at their phones not even watching their kids.  I'll admit there are some parents watching their kids but the majority are not.  Again, get up and move for 20-30 minutes then sit and watch or look at your phone.     

I'm going to stop with my rant now but remember take care of yourself and get up and move whenever you can!