Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Say NO to........Candy/Sweets!

On facebook the other day a friend of mine put a couple pictures on her page of two big bowls of Halloween candy.  One was leftovers and the other was the candy that her kids brought home from trick or treating.  It is all so tempting and yummy!  Her status was "This is not going to work for me."  Of course lots of comments came across.    I said, "If I spend the money and buy the candy then someone has to eat it.  Trick or Treaters, my kids, their friends, hubby or me.  Secretly, I like to eat some of it!"  Another person said, "Throw it away!"  I just can't do that, candy isn't cheap and that's just a waste.   Why buy it or send your kids trick or treating if your just planning on throwing it away.  My favorite response was when one gal said, "I have enforced No-sweets November for myself."  I love that idea.  

With Halloween being over now and all the candy that is now in the house there's a lot of pressure on myself to not eat it.   Let's just change the saying from the following: 

No SHAVE November!  is what a lot of guys do.  Let's change it to the following:
No SWEETS November!  This will help us all out in getting ready for the holidays.  

Then when Thanksgiving comes around at the end of the month well be ready to eat some extra yummy food and goodies.  And whatever is left of the Halloween candy is up for grabs.  Although, I'm a firm believer in moderation so go ahead and have a couple pieces of candy each day but that is it.  Here's another good one that the same gal said about November except for December.  She said, "Damn, I eat a lot in December."  I'm going to tell you again to be good and eat in moderation as it so easier to put on the weight then it is to take it off.  Moderation is the name of the game!  We all have choices to make each and everyday so make good choices 90% of the time and enjoy some treats the other 10% of the time.  Don't deny yourself otherwise you'll go crazy and then regret it later.
Hope this helps you get through November and December and eat healthy but enjoy as well!

Only 26 more days to go.  Don't forget to get up and move as well so you can get fit and fab!