Saturday, May 24, 2014

We Love Our Teachers & Staff ~

Teacher/Staff Appreciation Week Ideas ~

Teacher/Staff Appreciation week was a big hit this year.  Our theme - Get Ready for Summer!

Our PTA provided several meals and snack days for the T/S and fun gifts each day.  We also had a basket giveaway for each day as well (oops, no pic of this).

     Breakfast is served!
     Everyday you make a difference!
     All about you!
     Chair massage!
     Happy Friday!

I printed off each letter saying and had them in the T/S lounge on the cabinets, along with a lot of other Hawaiian decorations that we put up.  Darn it, no picture of this either and it was two other parents and myself decorating the room ( I there, so no excuse not to take some pics of our hard work).

Daily gifts given to all teachers/staff each day:

I did this part at home, so I made sure I got my pictures of all the little gifts. Can't wait for next year and what we have in store for our teachers/staff.  I'll make sure to get pictures of everything next year, hopefully!

All the daily gifts, except the chap stick!

Have a BALL this summer!

Variety pack beach balls from Oriental Trading.

Thanks for taking care of our little DUCKIES!

Hula duckies!
Mermaid duckies!
Surfing duckies!
Lifeguard duckies!

Variety pack duckies from Oriental Trading as well.

Thank you for all the EXTRA 
work you do!

HANDS down you're the best teacher/staff in town!

Have a CHAPPY fun summer!

Chap sticks from AVON!
       Monday - Breakfast is served!
       We will be providing you with a hot breakfast and coffee        
       to start your day off right!

       Tuesday - Everyday you make a difference!
And we want to make a difference in your day by providing a catered salad bar luncheon! Leave those lunch boxes at home for this one. 
Wednesday - All about you! 
We want to make this day your best by providing Sonic drinks and a sub sandwich lunch. (Be sure and get your Sonic drink order on the Google doc in the office before Friday, so we can get your order right!)
Thursday - Chair Massage and Snack Cart
Sign-up for a 10 min chair massage with a licensed massage therapist between 11-1. The office should have the sign-up sheet soon! 
And your afternoon will be uplifted by the popular snack cart making it's rounds!
Friday - Happy Friday!
Who doesn't love to end the week with a BBQ lunch. We will be grilling out hamburgers and hot dogs all morning to have them ready for your lunch hour along with some yummy sides and desserts!