Sunday, May 18, 2014

2013-14 PTA Team News Bulletin Boards

 This year our PTA theme was JOIN THE TEAM!  I stuck to the sports theme and put up various boards with different sports.

Here are the ones I did, and others I wanted to do.  I only do the boards every other month, as I don't have time to do it every month.  I wish I could do all these fun board ideas, but just don't have the time to get them all up.  The months seem to fly by faster and faster each year.

AUG/SEPTSoccer -  Join the team and kick a goal!
OCT/NOVBasketball -  Join the team and shoot the hoop!
(WINTER) Get in the game and join the team!
Winter Wonderland of SPORTS!
DEC/JANFootball -  Join the team and catch a pass!
(WINTER) Join the team and march on in!
Kick off a great year by joining the team!
FEB/MARBaseball -  Join the team and hit a home run!
(SPRING) Join the team and be an ALL STAR!
APRILSwimming -  Join the team and swim to the end!
MAYRunning –  Join the team and I'll meet you at the finish line!

There should be one more board here, but can't seem to find the picture, which is driving me nuts!  If I happen to find it I'll post it later.  

December/January board -
Thanks to our Art teacher for drawing the football 
& soccer goal for me.

February/March board - SLIDE INTO PTA!

April board (Not my favorite board, but quick and easy to put up)
 - We Are A TEAM!
We've got Spirit
How bout' you?
We've got Spirit,
YES, we do!

May board - Had to get on more board done for the year.
Summers almost here, Join the RV PTA Team
& Swim to the end!