Sunday, December 28, 2014

Thanksgiving eating and exercise!

I know it's been a while and I'm just going to be honest I've had the winter blues with the sun behind the clouds everyday.  Plus, we had the flu here at our house and it went through all 5 us feeling like crap with fevers.  Of course, I push myself to the limit and go to work during the day when I feel OK and then by 3pm the fever comes back and I feel like crap.  After doing that for two days it finally kicked my butt and I had to stay home for a day.  Along with two kids at home sick and then a snow day we finally all recouped from the flu.  I'm just glad all we had were fevers as it could of been so much worse. 

BTW - I have been working out since Thanksgiving just haven't been posting them.  It's been the same old, same old, which leads me to my next post that I'll be working on.  

Anyway, let's go back to Thanksgiving time.  Over Thanksgiving we traveled back home and saw our families.  It was nice on a couple of the days so we all got out and walked/ran the dogs and took advantage of the sun being out!  YEAH, for sun!   I grabbed my phone and tracked our walking/running with which I've been using for a while now.  Over the years my Dad has put on a few extra pounds but since I introduced him to this new app he has found the motivation to get moving again.  

It's good to have more than one person pushing you along to get moving.  I'm friends with my Dad on along with other people but seeing my that my Dad is using it makes me very happy.  Now, when he goes out for a walk I get a message when he's done saying he just completed an activity using runkeeper.  Heck, he's motivating me to get out and exercise on days I don't feel like it.    
                Image result for running clipart free        
Walking or running, walking or running?  Just get up and do something to help your body stay healthy or get healthy.  This is a choice we all have to make everyday.  Whatever your motivation is, use it, find it and do it.  When I introduced my Dad to  he started using it and took off with it.  He loves that it keeps track of your distance, time, average pace and calories burned.  It's a great motivator to see the calories adding up and melting away.  

Get up and MOVE!