Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Today's workout - Lot's of running!

Running is great for the body, as you are working your whole body, core and all!  Suck in that tummy while running. I have to tell myself to do that a lot!  I just want to get to the end of my 1/2 mile for a break.  Let's shoot for 6 minute half miles.  I'd love to get it to 5 minute half miles but that is a work in progress, I'll have to run my butt off to get done that fast. 

Round Treadmill
Arms                       (25 each time)
Various - Sit-ups     (25 each time)
Distance .50     Level 6
push-ups on knees
Regular crunches
Distance .50   Level 5
tricep dips with bench
Russian Twist
Distance .50   Level 4
push-ups on knees
Knee-ups on machine
Distance .50   Level 3
tricep dips with bench
Distance .50   Level 2
push-ups on knees
Crunches on a bench w/5 pd weight in hands
Distance .50   Level 1
tricep dips with bench
1 minute plank

How to do crunches on a bench - check out this video on YouTube!