Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Step It Up!

Today's workout consisted of warming up on the Stairmaster (10 minutes) at level 9, doing intervals, fast and slow.  Don't start at that level but work your way up, as it goes pretty quick.
If you've never tried out the Stairmaster, give it a shot.  It's a great cardio machine and you will work up a sweat!  

Benefits of the Stairmasterhttp://stairmaster.com/benefits-of-climbing/

Then, moved onto the Arc Trainer (10 minutes) and my favorite the Stationary Bike (10 minutes).    My workout partner likes the Arc Trainer and I prefer the bike, so we compromised today and did a little of both.  


Next we did abs - 150 crunches, various types.   Ended my workout with stretching on the stretch trainer.  This is a great way to stretch as you don't leave any stretches out this way.  I went to use this the other day and it was gone, I thought they got rid of it since I don't think very many people use it, YIKES!  Found out that they moved things around, as I found it in another room.  Thank goodness!

Whether you want a focused abs workout or you want to keep yourself flexible and help prevent injury, Precor offers core and stretch equipment to help you live every day fully and healthily.

Precor gym equipment


No weights today, as I had to go help sort Girl Scout cookies, that was my lifting workout.   I probably moved approximately 500 cases (12 boxes in each case) of cookies today during the sorting process for each troop.  I should feel that tomorrow, yikes!  We did this in a warehouse with doors open in 25 degree weather and I got rather warm.