Monday, April 20, 2015

Motivational Monday - Eat, Drink & Be Merry!

EAT, DRINK & BE MERRY!  This is exactly what I did this past weekend.  Now I'm paying for it!  We celebrated my birthday this weekend with friends and another gal that has an April birthday as well.  Below is one of the coffee mugs I use at work.  The saying on it is so true for most of us.  Like the song goes, I'm only human. During the week I do pretty good most the time making good choices but when the weekend rolls around this is how I feel sometimes.  FOR TOMORROW WE MAY DIET.  

Which brings me to my next point.  Now that you know I had a not so good weekend when it comes to eating right for two days, it's time to get back on the the band wagon.  Earlier this evening I was reading an email from FitbyBurn and it had an article about an app called Goal Streaks for iPhones.  Well I don't have an iPhone so couldn't get the app.  Of course, I started searching for something for my android phone and found a couple of different apps along this line.  I ended up getting the Goal Tracker app and set it up for keeping track of how many days I workout and how many I don't for a month.   You can make your goal for whatever you want.  I did mine for 3 days on and 1 day off for a month.  Shouldn't be too hard to do this but after this weekend I need to get busy and do something.  After doing this I of course wanted to give myself a check mark for doing my workout today which I hadn't done yet.  (It's now 10 pm)  

I then went to the 
site that I found the other day and did the Beginner Upper Body workout, check it out here.  20 minutes workout at 10 pm before I head to bed at 11pm.  Rev up the body so I can burn calories while I sleep.  I don't normally do my workouts this late in the evening but I was feeling guilty for being lazy today. 

After doing all this I went to my computer to finally type up my Monday Motivational blurb for the day, ENJOY!