Sunday, March 2, 2014

Tracking Calories ~

To do or not to do? 

I've checked out several apps/websites to track my calories,  might just go back to writing it down in a notebook. 

Most items are on the search list, but in full serving sizes.  If you want a half serving size you need to re-enter the information and make a new entry.  I did just figure out that you can use the (Quick Add Calories button), then you don't have to type everything in.  Although, if you go back to see what you ate later it doesn't give you the option to enter in the name of the item.   It just says, Quick Added Calories.

For instance, I've noticed on myfitnesspal  that they have the full serving entered in the site, but if I only have half a serving then I want half the calories entered in for that item.   I don't want to make a whole new entry with all new information, takes to much time.   Hopefully, I'll figure our how to add 1/2 a serving in the system without having to enter all the information in again.  

Notebook Method:  If I use a notebook I can write it down quickly, just 1/2 the calories that I ate instead of the full serving size and move on.   When logging in a notebook, it's just easier to focus on a couple things instead of everything as you tend to run out of room. 

All I care about are the calories IN at this point.  It's hard to focus on all the different #'s (i.e.-protein, fat, carbs etc.)  That's why I want to use one of the sites as well, because most or all of them track things besides just calories for you. 

Here are a couple other sites to check out as well.  I'm still testing them all out, will come back later with what I think of each.  Use what works best for you.
Everyday Health

Please leave your comments on your favorite site to use and why. 

Continue working on those New Year's Resolutions.   If you fall off the wagon, get back on!