Friday, August 22, 2014

Health Tips!

I sat down to drink my Chai Tea Latte and started watching the Bethenny Show today.  Bethenny and Rocco Dispirto were talking about the Diet Debate.   

Great information on the Bethenny Show today!  It sucked me in and I even took some notes, see below.

Rocco said, "Don't be obsessive compulsive about calories."

Bethenny said, "Your diet is a bank account and you choose where you want to invest!"

Mediterranean diet - field of good choices
American diet - mine field of salt, fat, sugar and processed.

Rocco said, "Goal is to get healthy and you turn eating from an unconscious process where you crave and indulge your impulses to a conscious process where you crave you think about the impulse and make a good choice, most of the time you will probably lose weight in the future." 

Bethenny said, "Be stringent and give people the guidelines, so eventually they don't need them.  It's an education in the beginning so eventually you just know. If you learn the alphabet then you don't need to look at anymore."

What I learned or really what I already knew but just need to put into practice ALL the time.  I think most of us know what needs to be done it's just a matter of doing it.

I'll admit that I love food and love to eat but I know I need to eat junk food in moderation.  That's why I started the Joy of Exercise (NOT, I just know that if I eat the crap that I crave then I need to workout.) & Joy of Food (NOT, just healthy food but junk food as well, in small doses.)
  • Learning the rules of dieting, is like an education (I hate the word dieting though, it should just be called EATING HEALTHY).
  • Eat lots of fresh fruit and vegetables.  Cut out the processed foods as much as possible. 
  • Calories in vs. calories out is what it's all about, just don't get obsessed with counting calories. That can be stressful as well!
  • Cravings are the worst -it's a choice, so make it a GOOD!


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