Monday, April 7, 2014

Honey Do Project - Dresser Reveal!

Well, awhile back I purchased an old dresser off of Facebook Swap and Shop.  Got it for only $20.00 with the plan to spruce it up and make it new again.  My daughter that I got this for, currently has two plastic Sterilite storage bins in her room serving as her dressers. Thank goodness my husband jumped on the band wagon and took this project on.  It probably wouldn't be done yet, if I was doing it. It ended up being a bigger project than what I had in mind.  Plus, he wanted his garage back, so the dresser needed to get done.

Here are some pictures of the dresser.  We used up some old paint we had sitting around, that we used in other rooms of our house. The pink stripes match her bedroom walls and the bright green is an accent color we are using in her room.
Dresser is done!
Here's what we started with.
This is after the 2nd sanding with 180 grit paper, to make it nice and smooth.  I think my husband started with 80 grits to get the stain to come off.   Didn't worry about getting all the stain off as he is primimg and painting it.
Sanding information click here or here, more sanding info!
Dresser is primed.
Drawers are primed.
Painted white and lime green. 

Pink stripes were added to match the walls.  He used painters tape to make the lines nice and straight.  Last step, was spraying it with a satin polyurethane spray to protect it and give it some shine.  Good job darling!

Now it's time for Mom to step in and work her magic and organize the room.  Here's where the dresser is sitting at now.   This is now where the two Sterilite storage bins used to be. 

New home for this bin.  Cleaned it out for better storage/organization of stuff in my daughters room.

This is now in the closet.
The final reveal with cute baskets on top!