Monday, April 14, 2014

What to do with old Christmas pictures?

Got this clever idea from Pinterest!  Here's my creation.  Took the cover of one of the cards and put a title on it.  Then 2 hole punched the pictures and put together with clips. Enjoy!    

I've been wanting to do this for a while and finally got it done, under W-Day #26. Check out Joyous Junk!

Supplies needed:
Old Christmas card pictures
2 clips (I need to go buy or find some laying around my house.  This is all I have right now that I can find. But it's basically done, YEAH!)

1.  I sorted my pictures out by out by horizontal and vertical.
2.  Then I cut them down if they were to big to fit behind the cover page.  8" wide was the max. for this booklet I made.  
3.  Punch the 2 cover holes, and then the pictures with them behind the cover so you get them in the right spot.
4.  Put together by size, horizontal/vertical order and put clips through each pile. TA, DA!!!

Finished project, almost!  (Ugh, need another clip.)

Supplies needed ~ 
     Paper punch 
     2 clips (as you can see I'm short one, need to find another one or go to the store.)
     Cover - Christmas card, this one used to have a picture where the words are at.  That picture is now                       behind the cover with the rest of them.