Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Workout time ~ Even with allergies, head cold or sinus issues?

It was another great workout today!  Despite feeling like crap and not being able to breathe.

Cardio -  Stationary bike 20 minutes, level 10 then down to level 6.  Need to give myself a break with this nasty crap in my head and nose.  Didn't think I'd share that, but what the heck!

Weights - 3 * 15 reps each

Glute machine - also works the legs

Assisted chin dip and pull ups (Did both)
(two exercises in one)

Lever Overhead Triceps Extension
Tricep Overhead Extension

Leg extension



Abs - 25 reps each
Bicycle crunches
Russian twist with 15 pd weight
TOTAL = 100

Stretching -

Stretch machine

Get up and move!