Monday, April 14, 2014

Last week & 3 days, of 31 items in 31 days ~

Here it is finally the last week # 3 days.  Still behind, but finally getting this on my blog site.

Week #4:

P.S. -  I use a lot of empty shoe boxes & empty Girl Scout cookie boxes to sort and store stuff in.  (One of my daughters sells G.S. cookies, so we have a lot of these boxes sitting around.  They are the cases that 12 sets of cookies come in, perfect for throwing piles of stuff in.)

S - Day #22 - Put a little boys Black & Decker workbench and tools on f.b. s & s -  SOLD $15.00

S - Day #23 - Put a set of Legos of on f.b. s & s -

M - Day #24 - Returned a shirt to Kohl's, that my son didn't need.

T - Day #25 -  Took 4 boxes of RE supplies back up to the church for storage. Yeah!

W - Day #26 - Went through this box and ordered Christmas pictures to put in the frames, now in our Christmas storage until next December. Yikes, more old xmas cards and these are from 2004.   Check it out the fun book I made with them under Joys of Scrappin'/Craftiness!

TH - Day #27 - Returned/shipped a broken viola case back to the store!  Huge box out of my house.   

F - Day #28 -  Went through another box that had my It Works paperwork and supplies in it.  Put it all in the binder, nice & neat.  Recycled the empty boxes as well.  Maybe I would still be selling it, if I was orgazined with my paperwork back  then. HA!

All my paperwork thrown into the box.
Now it's all organized and neat!
Week #5:

S - Day #29 - Put all my PTA stuff away in a file cabinet.  Not sitting out on the floor anymore.  Sorted through and got rid of papers I didn't need anymore, recycled!

S - Day #30 -  Went through another set of old xmas cards, pics etc. up to 2007

M - Day #31 - Went through a box of old school papers of one my kids.  Another box cleaned out!