Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Surprise ~ Time to Read again!

(I'm back tracking in my story a little bit here.)
My husband came home from work the other day and surprised me with a Kindle Fire HD. Still working through the changes between this tablet and my old one which was not a Kindle but I think I’m going to enjoy having a Kindle.   He’s been trying to fix the old tablet but the first part he ordered didn’t do the job. We are still waiting on another part to come, in a few days. The 2nd part finally came in and guess what, it’s fixed now. My daughter has now taken over that tablet. Since, I was complaining about reading on my laptop, he found a great sale at Best Buy for the Kindle and picked it up for me, isn't that SWEET! Just got Overdrive loaded on my new tablet and the book I was going to read wasn’t due back to the library yet so back to an oldie but goodie that I enjoy reading.

Family by Karen Kingsbury – If you’ve never read her books, they are wonderful! Ok, ignore my thoughts from before under reading slump. This book is part of a series and you will want to read more! It’s about the Baxter family and the many issues that can come up in life and they have lots of issues. I don’t want to ruin this for anyone so try it out yourself.  A friend of mine recommended her books to me about a year ago and I’ve already read 13 of her books so far. Most of them are a series but not all.  Karen Kingsbury is a Christian author which I knew when she told me that, I would not have picked these up on my own. I am a Christian but when you read books it’s hard to switch authors and try new things.  Although, with Goodreads I have tried lots of different authors since you get recommendations from your friends about great books to read!!!! Make sure you start with the Redemption series (5 books) about the Baxter family and then move into the Firstborn series (5 books) which is what I’m currently reading.  There are 3 more series to the Baxter's as well.  ENJOY!   http://www.karenkingsbury.com/books