Saturday, February 22, 2014

Excerise Background

Thought I should back up a little and give some background information on my exercise adventures.   I've worked out at several different places and with a trainer here and there.  I love to get new workout ideas, just don't like paying their high prices all the time.  I usually do a few sessions with a trainer for new ideas and move on. 

I'd say my journey began after we had our first baby 13 years ago!  I gained 50 lbs with her.  Boy is it hard to get that baby weight off.  I definitely used being pregnant the first time around to my advantage by eating what ever I wanted but paid for it later.   I was 120 and went up to 170, YIKES!  I've been staying home now with my kids for 13 years now, although they are all in school now with my youngest in 3rd grade. 

Before kids -  I really wasn't doing much.  Working full-time and hanging out with my hubby!

7/2000 - Baby #1 joined us!

9/2000 - I started out by walking with a friend and her baby in the neighborhood. We would walk whenever it fit  into our babies feeding schedules.

9/2001 -10/2002 - Worked out at Curves - After having our 1st child and the weight just not falling off I decided it was time to step it up a notch.   So I joined Curves for Women as I didn't want to go to a traditional gym with guys and feel self conscious of my body the whole I was there (I was already feeling that way,  didn't need to add to it).  Curves was very welcoming and I jumped on the band wagon and lost most of  the baby weight I had been carrying around.  Down to 140 lbs.   Did this for a year and found out we were expecting baby #2!  I had a lot of issues with smells when I was pregnant with all 3 of my kiddos so had to quit working out because candle scents, perfume, lotion, hairspray, whatever made me gag. 

8/2002 - Baby #2 (Girl) joined us!  Busy times with two kiddos and joining a playgroup.  It was all about them and not me at this point. Working out didn't exist anymore.  Started walking again, meeting friends at the mall  and pushing the stroller around then the kids got to play at the mall when the walk was over.  Walked outside a lot,  when the weather was nice.   The weight was sticking with me though and not falling after baby #2. 

1/2003 - 8/2004 - Joined Eagle Fitness for a year.  Sucked it up and paid the child care fees but that definitely added to the price I paid each month.  Finally got  down to 130.    I worked out through most of my 3rd pregnancy but had to give it up when I got to big and the smells got to bad for me.   I was in pretty good shape when he was born.

3/2005 - Baby #3 (It's a Boy!)  joined us!  More weight to work off again but not as much thank goodness!

4/2005 - 2/2008 - Big exercise break, 36 months YIKES.  Still holding onto  some baby weight after 3 kiddos.  Not working out real hard right now though.  Just walking with friends outside and at the mall.  It's hard to get away with 3 kiddos at home.   

3/2008 - 5/2008 - Signed up for a 3 month special with a couple friends to workout with a trainer.  She kicked our butts and boy were we sore after those sessions.  Also, made us do a food log which really does work.  When you write down what you eat it's no lie.  All those calories in and none out if you don't burn them off with exercise.  I lost some good weight doing these kick butt training sessions and watching what I eat.  Finally lost another 10lbs after all those years at 130 now at 120 and maintaining.

10/2009 - 5/2010  Signed up for some more workout sessions with the same trainer from before.  Didn't do the food part and still maintaining.  Really need to do the food log again. 

I've been told this many times over the years and I believe it!  

Food is 80% of the problem when it comes to losing weight.  You can exercise but if you don't change your eating habits you'll gain if not exercising  or stay the same, if you are exercising.  And if you do change your eating habits for the better you will lose the weight, slowly but surely.  

Exercise is the other 20%.   I don't spend hours at the gym.  I go for 1 hour max each time.  Although, sometimes I'm a little under or a little over but I really try to stick to the 1 hour time frame.   There are plenty of other things I need to be doing as well, like taking care of my JUNK, ha!   I split my time in  half by doing cardio and weights for 30 minutes each.  Cardio is great for the heart and burning calories but you need to do the weights as well to build muscle to burn the fat.   I'm not talking body building, just lifting weights or using the weight machines to help the fat burning process out.   Start small and work up the weight amount on each machine or barbell.

10/2010 -  Went and checked out Curves again, with a friend.  I had a coupon to check it out for 2 weeks with a friend.   They got newer machines from the first time I was there.  After my trial period I decided to go back to Eagle as I need more from a workout than what I was getting there.  I'm not saying it was bad just not what I needed at this point.   Plus, the hours to workout there didn't work with my schedule.

11/2010 - Current - Back at Eagle Gym.  It's close to home and open more hours than Curves.  They have classes you can take with your membership, not at an extra cost.  I have paid for a trainer here and there just to push myself more and get fresh ideas but most the time it's ME, pushing myself through the workout.  I have a friend that meets me twice a week and that motivates us both to get there.  Thank you Errin for sticking by my side.  Accountability, is great when you don't want to go.   

Currently - I'm 118 but my goal weight is 110.  I workout 4 days a week but starting to throw in a 5th day.  Trying hard to get the eating part better and starting a food log again to track the calories.  Calories don't lie!