Monday, February 17, 2014

JUNK ~ Let's get busy!

It's time to get started on this glorious mess!  I said, I'd put some pictures on here of my office mess, so here they are.  I've decided instead of looking at my mess/disorganization/junk etc., whatever you want to call it.   I need to focus on ONE paper, box, area, table at a time.   I'd really like to start scrapbooking again if I can get the table cleared off from all the extra stuff it collects and find homes for everything.  Finish all the projects that are sitting on it or underneath it.    With that in mind I've been a stay-at-home mom for 13 years now.  I thought I would get tons of projects done over the years and my scrapbooking caught up.  Well I've started lots of projects but not completed most of them.  It's time to crack the whip and take care of this mess!  With you all following me on my journey, this mess and projects will finally get done!

Well maybe not find homes for everything.  After thinking this through, here is my plan.   I need to sort through each area that I decide to work on and make piles:  donate, garage sale (that's what my husband wants to do, I'd rather donate), throw away, recycle & keep (find a home for this stuff)! 

I have 3 different areas I need to tackle, they are:  school papers, scrapbooking table that has lots of other stuff on it and laundry table on top/garage sale, donation, giveaway items underneath.  I have a lot of work ahead of me. 

Now that I have a plan of action it's time to get busy!  I'll put more pictures on here as I sift through the piles and show you what I come up with regarding organizing some of the JUNK!

I hope this helps you out in getting started on your own JUNK room(s) in  your home. 

 Scrapbooking Table - where are you?
 Desk with stuff all around it - what a disaster!
 Laundry table - empty off each week and start fresh.  
Sounds like a good plan, let's see if I can do it!
 More of the laundry table and donations or garage sale stuff underneath - YIKES!
School Papers Galore!  
Working on a system - Help me Pinterest!
I've seen a couple of ideas I like, so well see what happens.