Tuesday, February 18, 2014


What is a TRIATHLON?  
It's 3 forms of exercise, and I enjoy them all! 
               Swimming, Biking and Running

What is a mini triathlon? I've done two of them and they all vary in length. (See below)

What's a full triathlon - I won't even go there as it's way to long for this mama.   Much longer than my mini triathlons that I've done.

You can walk as well, if need be to get through the running part.  There are all ages, sizes & levels of experience participating in these triathlons.  The main goal is to cross the finish line!

* It's always a lot more fun if you have a partner to train with.  They keep you motivated and vise versa.

WIN Tri - was my first Tri
Swim - 500 meters in a lake, UGH! 
Bike - 10 miles
Run - 5K or 3.1 miles

Cameron Tri - 2nd and 3rd Tri's
I love this Tri because everything is a little bit shorter!
Swim - 200 meter in a pool, YEAH!
Bike - 8 miles
Run -2 miles 

Here's a great website for finding a Triathlon to participate in.    http://www.trifind.com/