Saturday, March 8, 2014

Donate, sell or throw away ~ 31 items in 31 days!

Here it goes, I totally love this idea.  There are lots of ideas out there, but this is my favorite by far.  From Clutter Interrupted - I can't seem to find it on their site now, but I'm totally doing this to get my JUNK in order. 

Donate, sell or throw away.....
7 items a day for 31 days = that's 217 items out of your house! 
1 item a day for a year (365 days) = 365 items out of your house, WOW!

The pink highlighted one below, I made up.  I need to take baby steps, one month at a time.  Then, I will do more if this one is a success. 
1 item a day for a month (March 2014 - 31 days) = 31 items out of my house, YEAH!


Donate - 
If you don't want to sell it then donate it, as long as it's not trash.  
They don't want your trash, either.  
Savers thrift storeGoodwill Industries International, Inc.   Make a Donation Online  

Sell -
You can sell it if it's not trash.  If it doesn't sell donate it. 
Facebook swap & shop (f.b. s & s)
If it doesn't sell on f.b. s & s, my last resort of selling is having a garage sale.
My husband want to have a garage sale, I would rather donate.
SWAP & SHOP - Search for one in your area

Throw Away -
If it can't be recycled then throw it out!  What are you waiting for. 

Recycle -
It can't be 1 piece of paper that I'm recycling, it has to be at least 10 pieces of paper. 

Make it count!


S - Day # 1 - Put princess booster seat on f.b. s & s - SOLD!  $15.00

S -Day #2 - Put another booster seat on f.b. s & s - SOLD!  $5.00

M - Day #3 - Put a potty chair on f.b. s & s -

T - Day #4 - Put a 3 in 1 baseball, golf & basketball on f.b. s & s -

W - Day # 5 - Put boys winter coat and ski pants on f.b. s & s -

TH - Day #6 - Put a sit and stand walker on f.b. s & s -

F -Day #7 - Put a toddler roller skates on f.b. s & s -  SOLD!  $5.00