Saturday, March 29, 2014

Family Spring Break Ski Trip!

 I love my 3 kiddos and my husband.  Thank goodness, since we've traveled 13 hours to New Mexico and 13 hours back home.  That's a lot of car time and book reading time (check out Love to Read!)  Our spring break trip was fun filled with skiing for 3 days and then checking out the surrounding area and shopping on the 4th day.  We went to Red River, NM and skied at the Red River Ski Resort.  Here are some pictures of our week.  If you are a beginner skier they have great instructors.  It's also not a huge resort, so not as crowded as other places we've gone skiing before.
We made it to the 2nd state we have to drive through,
 to get to our destination of Red River, NM.

My hubby & I 

Beautiful Colorado Mountains!

We made it to New Mexico!

A much needed pit stop.  We decided to check out the Great Sand Dunes.
If you're ever out this way, they are very neat.

The boys made it to the top!

My kiddos and I at the top ~ Yeah!  That was a great workout.  Going down was much easier.

We walked all of that to the top of a big sand dune, not just the first one either.

Thank goodness for the Sand Dune break, back in the car and still getting along.

We made it to our condo/cabin we will be at for the week!!!

St. Patty's Day morning.

Make sure you check out St. Patty's Day Fun, for all the details. 

1st day of skiing - Jordan on the ski lift

1st day of skiing -  John and Jaden on the lift

1st day of skiing - Jamie

1st day of skiing - John

3rd day - Jaden's Birthday!

2nd day of skiing - John and I

2nd day of skiing - We hit the hot tub to
celebrate Jaden's birthday, and relieve our sore muscles.

Wildlife right outside the back door of our cabin.

Birthday dessert after a scrumptious supper at Capo's.  Delish!
MyCuisine Logo

3rd day of skiing - Jordan

3rd day of skiing - Jaden

3rd day of skiing - Girls on lift
We headed out for the day at 10am and didn't get back until around 4pm after all our stops.
Lot's of neat landmarks to see around the Enchanted Circle.

Our first stop was the Rio Grande Gorge.
There were a lot of merchants on the side of the road selling their wares.
Of course, the kids and I all had to get something.

The beautiful Rio Grande Gorge.  

We ate lunch in Taos a bigger city than Red River.
These are the house styles we saw everywhere.
We don't have this where we live.  Very neat to see!

Checked out the Vietnam Veterans Memorial.
We just happened upon this, great tribute to our fallen hero's and the
ones still with us.
Leaving our condo and headed back home.
Another 13 hours on the road and lots of book reading for me.
Check out
Love to Read!
We stopped by the Garden of the Gods Park to check out The Amazing Balanced Rock.
Located in Colorado Springs, CO
God is definitely amazing!!

Balanced Rock

Wow, they are some strong kids!

Last stop at the gift shop before getting back on the road.