Sunday, March 23, 2014

New home for this decor!

Putting home décor to better use.  Here's what I had before the change.  Both of these stands were sitting behind my sink in the kitchen.  The one to the left is going to be put to better use!

Only one stand in the kitchen now.  
That looks so much better, if I do say so myself.

This stand is now in our beach theme bathroom.  
Look at the difference of usage.

The bottom bowl has sample shampoo, lotions etc. for when we have guests.   I even put in child safety siccsors to open up some of the samples.  
The middle section has a plate on it with washclothes.

The top has a bowl again, with a fishbowl in it that has seashells and a jar with a candle and sand in the center.  

From kitchen to bathroom ~
Wow, that 3 tier stand, looks so much better.  

I got this fabulous idea from pinterest at blissfullydomestic.  Check out what they did with their stand as well.  Plus, I combined it with this idea from pinterest as well, check it out here from