Friday, March 14, 2014

Crazy workout!

Went to the gym first thing after dropping my kids off at school. Get this part of my day over with.

Started out by warming up on the row machine 3x - 500 meters ~
I learned from a trainer to make a goal of doing 500 meters in 2:00 minutes.  I find this very hard to do, but try to do it everytime I use the row machine.  My times today for each round of 500 meters were:  2:17, 2:19 & 2:14.  Close but no cigar!  Burned 28-30 calories each round according to the row machine.  
Stamina Air Rower
More cardio - got on the stationary bike for 20 minutes and rode 5 miles, buring 145 calories.  I always shoot for 4 minute miles, which I did today.  

Weights (strength training)  - 3x15 for each 
Kettleball squats
Side Squats
Squats with weights
Leg Press - 180 pds
Arms - Tricep overhead

ABS 25 of each - check out my other posts on how to do the other ab exercises.  If you can't find one let me know.

Hammer Strength - knee ups
Body-SolidVertical Knee Raise Machine (Grey) - click to enlarge
Bicycle crunches
Russian twist with 15 pd weight
Rope pull, I lay back on an exercise ball to work on balance as well, instead of just laying on the floor  - check out the video -
Reverse crunch
Wall Crunches

Stretch on the stretch trainer ~ the end!

Not so fast, after all this I walked outside, realized it had warmed up and was gorgeous!  Got home and took the dog out for a run/walk.  I did 2.62 miles in 33 minutes, average pace 12:37 with another 202 calories burned! 

In the end I did a MINI TRI, with strength training and abs.  I consider the row machine a lot like swimming.  Row, Bike & Run/Walk

Now get up and move!