Sunday, March 9, 2014

Another project done!

I think I bought this great project for me to do back in 2006, but not for sure how long ago at this point.

See that big yellow box, on the right hand side 
of the scrapbooking table.  

                                           Here's what was left inside the box.

Did this much of it and hung up in my daughters room when we moved into our new house in 2008.  Got it painted and stuck on some cute scrapbooking flowers I had on hand.  Painting the flowers on the frame/ribbons and the words "So Cute" was not going to happen.  So much easier, putting stickers on.  I think it turned out, just as cute this way.  Just need to finish it! 

Finally, got the mirror put on and the letters "So Cute" cut out with my cricut machine and decoupaged on.   . Finally finishing it now in 2014.  Check that project off the list, FINALLY!

I got this fun project through a home show based business that Hallmark started.  It was called Big Yellow Box by Crayola. Website was  From what I can tell it doesn't look like they offer this anymore.  It was a fun home show that you buy stuff, which you have to finish and do on your own or with your child depending on what you purchase.   Too bad it took me sooooo long to get it completely done.  Procrastination and 3 kids is the name of the game 8 years later, YIKES!