Saturday, March 22, 2014

On the Road!

Well we just got back from our Spring Break get away.  We spent 2 long days on the road, and I got a ton of reading done.  Finished the Roots of an Olive Tree, Take Down Twenty, & Gone.  I also started a 4th book, called 3 Cups of Tea.  I'll let you know more about that book later.

Another favorite, author of mine to read is James Patterson.  Some of his books are a little freaky for me to read, but I really enjoy the Michael Bennett series, that he did.  I found out about this series several years back when my girls went to a gymnastics class.  I would watch & try to read for half the time and walk outside the other half.  Since the girls were running around at gymnastics getting exercise, I decided I needed to do the same.  I met another mom doing the same thing and we shared some of our favorite authors. 

Check out the following for more information about James Patterson books

Step on a Crack

The first book I read was Step On a Crack.  There are currently 7 books in this series.  This particular series is written by James Patterson & Michael Ledwidge.  I just finished the 7th book, Gone.


Enjoy another great author ~ Love to Read!